Author Bio

Simon Denman, AuthorBorn in Eastbourne, to retired parents, I grew up alternately on the beaches of a succession of English seaside towns, and in the historic if somewhat austere (in a formative, character-building way;) boarding school of Christ’s Hospital in Horsham, Sussex.

After graduating from the University of Essex with a degree in Electronic Engineering, I’ve spent longer than I like to admit in the IT networking, communications, and Internet security industries, gradually moving from technical to marketing and management roles. During this time, I moved from the UK to Paris, back to the UK, over to Munich, across to the French Riviera, and finally back to England.

Far more importantly during this period, I was blessed with two beautiful and talented daughters, now at University themselves, and, in remarriage, the love of the most wonderful woman for whom a man could wish.

Following the publication and unexpected success of my first novel,”Connected” and, in the same year, the births of twins, we have recently moved to Cornwall, where I am now working on a new novel.

While I no longer play rugby, I’m a moderately accomplished player of Jazz and classical trumpet, which I blow enthusiastically with any band or group that’ll have me. Any remaining time is spent reading and writing.

I’ve always had an intense curiosity for science which I think is reflected in my first novel, Connected, and which I suspect will heavily influence all my future works of fiction.

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