Jill Murphy, The Bookbag:
…Connected provides a thoroughly enjoyable read for fans of speculative fiction. Denman’s various and disparate characters are gradually joined by a well-thought-through plot and this chimes in very nicely with the overall theme of space-time dimensions and interconnectedness. The science is explained well – not too simplistically but within reach of the average reader – and it never gets in the way of plot advancement. I can also speak for accuracy – in a rather super piece of serendipity, large parts of the book are set at Essex University in William Morris tower (part of the student accommodation). I went to Essex, and I lived in William Morris for a year!
I really enjoy this genre. When done properly, it gives you the kind of book that keeps you thinking long after you’ve finished reading and Connected certainly succeeds in this regard. It also offers a satisfying plot and characters who keep you interested. I liked Doug, the openhearted, slightly naive student and was intrigued by Nadia. Peter, the bored husband in a touch of midlife crisis, got right up my nose. I say this as a positive thing – I want the books I read to give me characters that provoke a reaction! Connected is definitely worth the couple of quid it’ll cost you to download over at Amazon…

The following is a selection of the many great reviews left on  Amazon:

What a great read – a fast paced thriller, mystery. I love authors who write with more than one point of view, and this book has a number of characters that ultimately combine within this novel. Have you ever wondered about the connection between music and mathematics? What does a gifted musical composer, a theoretical physicist, a sexy Russian exotic dancer and a computer geek have in common?

The author’s writing is reminiscent of Dick Francis, even though he doesn’t write in the 1st person.
In the field of cognitive research, the mind-body connections between music and mathematics have been documented and debated for years without resolution. But don’t worry! Denman has the answers – and you will find them in this story.

Well worth the $3. I look forward to more of his work.

Nicole Sharratt
Connected was the best combination of science, adventure, cliffhangers and lust all tied up into a well constructed story that made it very difficult to put down. The characters were so well developed that I felt like I have either worked with or run into a few of them on occasion. The motivations of poor Peter, living his life at 30% and having the chance to see what could have been rings true for so many people. This is a fabulous bit of reading that will leave you thinking long after you close the page and put it on the shelf. I look forward to many more tales from Simon and hope that he will be able to fulfill his 100% potentail!

Mark Horchler
Connected takes place within a contemporary English setting complete with its pub culture, student dorm life, bored urban professionals, and Russian crime syndicates. Though the book ponders on a wide variety of topics including string theory, neurology, religion, and information technology, they never distract from, but rather contribute to the main plot. In expressing their divergent thoughts and opinions on the virtues of religion, the utility of social media and Plato’s Cave, the characters end up underwriting both the main narrative as well as the book’s dialectical passages. Science and philosophy, the real and the virtual, all add to the suspense and intrigue. It’s a multi-dimensional thriller, literally.

D. Coles
This is an excellent book and well worth the money. It introduces a novel concept in which the author cleverly links together quantum mechanics with what could be considered aspects of Buddhism into a great story and doing so with a very convincing approach to the science. This will keep you reading to the end.

Martin Greene
This book was a breath of fresh air in a book world becoming full of assasins and American CIA agents. I loved it and cant wait for his next. It was a very interesting story and well developed. Definately a sleep loser BUT worth it. I thoughly recommend it

Ian T.
I found Connected to be an engaging, imaginitive and thoroughly enjoyable read from the beginning. Thought provoking and absorbing in equal measure with great characterisation, for the last few evenings this was my read of choice over a half-read Tom Clancy book sitting on the table.
A fantastic debut and I look forward to future novels from the author.

A concise and compelling read resulting my first enjoyable experience of having my train delayed by half an hour. Very life like characters, excellent dialogue and a very intriguing plot all lead to a very enjoyable read. I wish the author the best of luck in his adventure into the literary world and hope this evident success is but the first of many.

I love a good sci-fi action thriller, and this exceeded my expectations. Peppered with incisive wit and well-observed dialogue, I enjoyed reading this very much. The pacing of the action and the unfolding of the plot are well-balanced and the concept is intriguing. Definitely worth more than I paid for it! – I’d be quite happy to part with some real ££ for any subsequent works from this author.

Dal Gemmell
This is an intelligent, fun, and original story by first-time author Simon Denman. It’s well-paced and keeps you engaged while the stakes escalate for the characters. Speaking of characters, through the description and dialogue, you get a clear sense of who they are and want to continue reading to learn more about them and how they will overcome their challenges. They say every first book is in some respects biographical (though in this instance I think we saw two sides of the author, young/old, idealist/realist), and only someone with the author’s life experience, and intelligence could write so clearly and in an entertaining manner about some big questions. Bravo! Looking forward to reading more from this new author.

Gabriella Toth
I’ve just finished reading the novel. I enjoyed every moment with it. It’s very clever, exciting and thought-provoking. Thanks for the experience! Looking forward to the next one by Simon!

Can`t believe this is a first book. Such a clever amd unusual plot written in a confident and easy style. Cant wait for the next book!

I’m not surprised by the popularity of this novel. It’s very skilful – the combination of soft porn, up-to-the-minute cyber speculation and broader philosophical debate is quite something to pull off. The style is so lucid. And lots of action. Imagine Plato’s cave and Russian knuckle-duster wielders in the same frame. Not easy, but achieved seemingly effortlessly. I’m not sure about the ending. If I were buying the film rights I’d want to change it – but this is a small point.

Every now and then, I find a book which I look forward to picking up again when I get home from work. This is one of those books. It is difficult to believe that Simon Denman has not written other books (yet). His style is mature, easy to read and has few of the gauche, jarring comonents which plague most authors’ early books. I am looking forward to reading more books by this chap.

Simon manages to invent his own chunk of science, surround it in quantum theory and present it somehow as a plausible concept . These home spun concepts are nothing new and Simon does not shy from tackling other unsubstantiated explanations for life such as religion and superstition. Now, if youre thinking that this is a dry old biscuit of an idea then fret not. Simon encapsulates this stale subject matter in a rich coating of Russian mafia, a sticky layer of teenage lust and and a crunchy middle of suspense. A delicious snack bar of a book that has been a delight to nibble on at bed time.

What I really liked about this book is that it blends an exciting storyline with some really interesting science. It was very well written, and kept me interested the whole way through. Overall a brilliantly unique and thought-provoking novel!

Despite not being a typical science-fiction reader, this was by far one of the most enjoyable page-turners I’ve read in a long time. Right from the beginning it kept me hooked to find out what would happen in the succeeding chapters. Some incredibly interesting and thought-provoking concepts are raised which will linger in your mind long after you’ve finished reading the book. Yet this doesn’t detract from the exciting fast-paced fiction of the novel. With regards to the book being too ‘sciency’ for some, I don’t believe you need a noble prize in physics to be able to understand the science concepts it talks about. I for one know very little about string theory for example and found it refreshing to be given the odd insight into elements of our universe in a simple yet shortened manner. Just enough to wet my appetite to Wikapedia a topic later.
For £1.99, you won’t be disappointed although in my opinion it deserves to cost more!

What a great read. A friend suggested i take a look, and I’m so glad they did. A book you just can’t put down; it held me captive throughout. Simon Denman certainly knows how to tell a story. I’ll definitely be looking out for future novels from this author.

Great read. Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. Look forward to more from this author.Thought-provoking.A good story with a lot to get you thinking.

Wow, this starts off at a fast pace from page one and never lets up. It’s racy, intriguing, and a jolly good read. I’m looking forward to more books from Simon. I borrowed a Kindle to read this and think I will have purchase my own!

Bought and read in two days. An original story, well written and edited. A pleasure to read. Will look out for the Author’s next work.

Michael Mather
A very enjoyable read. A mystery thriller which will keep you turning the pages drawing you deeper into the depths of this great story.

To be honest, I only downloaded this book because it was free – but what a good decision it turned out to be. Compelling and thought-provoking, a really, really good book. I would thoroughly recommend this book – a nice surprise to find a hidden gem like this and quite frankly it would well be worth paying the full price for. I will definitely be reading more from Simon Denman in the future!

I am not a great fan of fiction and usually avoid this particular book isle when out shopping for literature. However, in this day of ebooks, I am glad it is easier to chance upon little gems like Connected. I enjoyed a lot about this book. The way the story wove itself together, the factual based charactures and just how readable the whole thing was. There is something for everyone in this book.

I am rarely able to find time to read, but found it almost impossible to put this one down at all. A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read, exciting, well-written, and a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended!

An interesting first novel and one that encourages greater reflection than the average page turner. Mr Denman poses a number of philosophical and religious questions in his treatment of the mind altering effects of music in combination with modern technology; an interesting approach and one that warranted further development. He writes most convincingly when examining the life and relationships of Peter as he comes to the realization that his comfortable middle class existence is a pay-off for disappointment, regret and unrequited desire. The glamour of international crime that surrounds the other characters in the novel, although a little salacious at times, could have been forfeited for a novel that examines the nature of fulfillment and the search for a life less ordinary as I expect it is here Mr Denman will find his most distinctive voice.

rutoap “gdyr45”
I really enjoyed this story although didn’t always follow the ‘science’. The characters are believable and the story line moves along very well. Will certainly look out for more by this author.

Gripping and fast moving story with likeable characters. I finished in two easy sittings!
A tremendous amount of exposition which would probably kill an otherwise eminently cinematic plot.
A lot of the themes explored reminded me of the work of Colin Wilson, but in a much more light hearted manner.

One of those “unputdownable” kind of books. Well written although
a little technical in places for me (never looked up the meanings of so many words in a single book before!) but overall a very good read and money well spent.
I would definitely recommend it.

Ted Anxious
Got this as a freebie and really can’t complain. Believable characters who develop convincingly, nicely structured dialogue and an exciting storyline that moves along at a cracking pace. The author also seems to know enough about the various fields of science to make it all sound plausible too.
I’ll watch out for more from Mr Denman.


  1. Simon, enjoyed and sad when I completed it this afternoon. Great characterizations and internal logic. I read it over 2 days, fast paced, occasionally technical; scientifically a little stretch for me on some of the theory, but not distractingly so. The ‘French and Russian’ connections, the medical science and bit of hypnotic method were nice, too. Have also recommended on FB. Good luck, keep writing! I would consider using ‘Fitz’s’ review as a back- jacket cover!

    1. Thank you Sandy,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it.
      Sorry for the delay in responding, but I’ve just moved house and things have been predictably chaotic as a result.

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