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To all Old Blues, pupils and teachers,
For anybody connected with Christ’s Hospital school, who would like me to donate £1.00 from the royalties of my book Connected to the CH Foundation, please purchase the book using one of the links to the right of this page and forward your Amazon order confirmation* to: connected2CH@simondenman.com

I have many happy memories from my time at Christ’s Hospital (1976 – 1983), but some of the fondest of these are of my years with the school band and subsequently the Dance Band (mp3 tracks below). Under the exacting but inspirational Band-mastership of the late David Elliot, these bands ignited in me a lifelong passion for music, which over the years has provided not only a rewarding hobby, but a much needed safety-valve, releasing the stress and tension of everyday adult life.

Although for the first few years after leaving, I kept in touch with only a handful of my closest friends, I am now, thanks to Facebook, connecting with ever increasing numbers, over 50 of which turned up for the 20-year reunion in 2003. Perhaps next year, we can pull together an even greater number for a 30-year re-run.

Listen to CH Dance Band from 1982

The following are a selection of numbers recorded at a concert in the Royal Albert Hall in November, 1982

Spanish Flea

Woodchoppers Ball

Old Piano Roll Blues

Dance with the Devil


*Only one donation will be made per purchase and the offer does not apply during any periods for which the book is available for free download.

Data protection
Please rest assured that none of the information in the order confirmations you forward will be passed on to any third party. I will however send you one more email, when royalties are paid, to confirm the final donation made on your behalf. After this, all of your details will be erased.

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  1. Thanks for the music files! Did I miss your birthday? Apologies if so. All the best

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